21 Day On line Mixed Temple with Debbie

Loving your inner child

Transforming your mothering wound 
and bringing your child home to play

5th - 26th April 2021

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My Child Within

"I found my child within today, 
For many years so locked away, 
Loving, embracing, needing so much, 
If only I could reach in and touch. 
I did not know this child of mine, 
We were never acquainted at three or nine, 
But today I felt the crying inside, 
I'm here I shouted, come reside. 
We hugged each other ever so tight, 
As feelings emerged of hurt and fright. 
It's okay, I sobbed, I love you so! 
You are precious to me, I want you to know. 
My child, my child, you are safe today, 
You will not be abandoned, I'm here to stay. 
We laughed, we cried, it was a discovery, 
This warm, loving child is my recovery."

Kathleen Algoe

Dear Men and Women,

On this 21 day online intensive you will reclaim and liberate your inner child within and bring them home to play. You will cultivate a deep, loving, and nurturing inner relationship between your inner child and the inner mother energy. 

Your inner mother was founded on your relationship with your own mother and this will affect your relationship with the child within. You will bring awareness, love and compassion to transform your childhood relationship with your mother. You will discover and embrace the “good enough mother” inside and offer that to your child. If your child's needs aren’t being met they may be running your life in unhealthy ways in an attempt to heal themself. It is never too late for you to provide your inner child with what they need.


Your child within holds the key to your innocence, sensitivity, aliveness, sense of wonder, spontaneity, fun, and joy. By deepening the relationship with your inner child you will create a safe and protective environment for them to blossom and express themselves freely.

Our journey will be experiential and we will use daily practice to explore through creativity, dialogue, movement, and play. Insights and learnings will then be grounded through action.


During the Intensive you will:

  • Enhance and bring to life your relationship with your inner child,

  • Focus on building a loving, safe, nurturing relationship between your child and your inner mother,

  • Release any anger, sadness or fear your child is still carrying from the past,

  • Affirm your child's innocence, and purity, and reignite their sense of wonder, spontaneity, fun, and joy,

  • Transform beliefs, values and misunderstandings that don't serve your higher good,

  • Explore your relationship with your own mother, through the eyes of love and compassion, and see how you can learn from and transform what didn’t work for you. From this, you can become the “good enough mother” inside and meet your inner child's needs,

  • Bring your child's qualities, essence, and expression to life so that they can play and enrich your world.


Our journey will be an invitation to awaken the energy of the child and the loving mother within to build a healthy inner relationship. We will use ceremony, ritual, and meditation to create a sacred circle and powerful field for transformation.  


This Intensive is for men and women, and no previous experience is needed. 


This Intensive allows us to explore and practice together, connect, grow, heal, and deepen in community. Come and take your seat in the circle as we deep dive into the wisdom of the child.


Email Debbie at debbie@heartcounselling.com

£125 Full cost, £95 if booked by 22nd March. Join the sacred circle 

Practical Information:   

The course includes:

  • The programme starts at 7 pm UK / 8 pm CEST on Monday 5th April via live Webinar*. We will gather on line for an opening ceremony which will include an intention setting ritual.

  • There will then be live Webinars every 7 days on Monday 12th & 19th April at 7 pm UK / 8 pm CEST which last @ 1hr 30 mins - 2 hours. 

  • On the other days you will receive a daily email. These will offer practices and/or inspiration to deepen your inquiry with the aspects for that week.

  • We will conclude via Webinar at 7 pm UK / 8 pm CEST time on Monday 26th April with a closing ceremony to support the integration of your journey’s wisdom into your life.

  • In total there are 4 webinar calls during the programme. The Webinars will be recorded so you can catch up if you miss any and can also re-listen to them as many times as you want.

  • On the live Webinars, there will be an opportunity to share insights and wisdom with each other.

  • You will be facilitated and guided by Debbie Beauchamp during the Intensive.

  • All participants will be connected via a closed Facebook group. This will be a sacred space to share and support each other as we journey together.

  • .Throughout the duration of the course, we will connect to the healing, wholing and holy power of the circle, where the mystery connects and flows

To register email: debbie@heartcounselling.com