21 Day On line Women's Temple 
with Debbie

The Trilogy of Woman; The Maiden, Mother and Crone
Connecting to your Womb/Heart/Third eye Wisdom

14th February - 7th March 2022


The Divine Feminine is calling all women,
She whispers on the morning breeze and shouts in the thunder storm;
“Remember who you are!”
Your womb swells with the power of creation,
Your heart pulsates with the power & intelligence of love,
Use this innate wisdom to guide you home and remember your divinity,
Hear the call to love, love wildly, deeply, passionately, and
Dance your love in every cell of your body,
What are you waiting for? 

This divine feminine intelligence is needed to heal you, your family, your communities and the world. 

Dear Sister,

Happy New Year! I hope that 2022 is unfolding with love and tenderness. When I reflected on what Temple was being called for this winter I felt guided to the Trilogy of Woman. During the pandemic, I have recognised that, at times, it has reminded me of my maiden years; feeling alone, confused, lost in the midst of change happening around me, and a sense of not knowing. With these feelings came some old coping mechanisms from my teenage years. It took my feminine practice to stay present, revisit and meet these edges and stay connected in my heart to find a more loving response and trust my intuition to guide me. This is why I felt called to offer the Trilogy of Woman - The Maiden, Mother and Crone. The intention is to embrace the magnificence of you as a powerful intuitive woman connected, present and guided from your heart.

In this 21 day online Temple we will journey into the Trilogy of Woman: the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. These aspects are connected via the womb, and the cycles of the moon. They mark powerful transitions in womanhood and each phase has gifts and wisdom that we can tap into now.

We will start on Monday 14th February which feels poignant as a commitment to self-love. The intentions will be bathed in the light of the Full Moon two days later.

We will spend a week exploring the wisdom of each aspect in succession;

The Maiden - discover her freedom, freshness, innocence and joy. We will see if anything stands in the way of her fully stepping into her womanhood.
The Mother - feel her abundance of love and compassion as the creator, nurturer and protector of life. Where might she be needed in your life?
The Crone – ground her powerful fearless clarity of intuitive wisdom and presence. Can you open to her guidance?


We will practice with the positive feminine chakra's, the sacral, the heart, and the third eye. We will soften and melt into the womb’s creative intelligence, then connect this with the heart’s loving intelligence and finally connect with the third eye’s divine wisdom. Here you will find a powerful intuition and intelligence that will bring you back home to love.


We will use ceremony, ritual and meditation to create a sacred circle and powerful field for transformation. Our journey will be experiential and we will use a daily meditation practice, and reflection to explore through our senses. We will ground our insights and integrate them into our life.

We can always tap into the deep river of these feminine aspects irrespective of our age. It will be an invitation to awaken these energies and liberate ourselves from what no longer serves us and step into our innate wisdom and power.  


This Temple is for all women and no previous experience is needed. If you have completed the Celebration of Woman – The Goddess with us it will support you to integrate and ground your experience.


We want to spread the wisdom of the divine feminine so please invite your friends to join you!!


Come and take your seat in the circle as we deep dive into the wisdom of the trilogy of womanhood.

Email Debbie at debbie@heartcounselling.com

Cost £149, early booking discount £125, if you register by 31st January. Please contact me if you require a concession. If you have attended this Temple with me before the revisit cost is £95. The journey has been updated and will meet you in this moment.

Practical Information: 

The course includes:

  • The programme starts on Monday 14th February at 7pm UK time, via live Webinar*. We will gather on line for an opening ceremony which will include a womb blessing and intention setting ritual.

  • There will then be a live Webinar every 7 days on Monday 21st, and 28th February, at 7pm UK time and last @ 1 - 1hr 30 mins. 

  • We will conclude with a live Webinar at 7pm UK time on Monday 7th March with a closing ceremony focused on supporting the integration of your wisdom into your life. 

  • On the other days you will receive a daily email. These will offer inspiration and/or practices to deepen your inquiry with the feminine aspect for that week.

  • in total there are 4 Webinar call during the programme. They will be recorded so you can catch up if you miss any and can also re-listen to them as many times as you want.

  • There will be the opportunity to share insights and wisdom with each other on the Webinars and via Facebook.

  • You will have the option to be connected via a closed private Facebook group. This will be a sacred space to share and support each other as we journey with the Trilogy of Woman.

  • Throughout the course, we will be connected to the healing, sacred and divine power of the Goddess circle, where mystery connects and flows.


Cost £149, early booking discount £125, if you register by 31st January. Please contact me if you require a concession. If you have attended this Temple with me before the revisit cost is £95. The journey has been updated and will meet you in this moment.