21 Day On line Mixed Temple with Debbie

The Sacred Union

Deepening the Alchemy
between your inner man and woman

5th - 26th October 2020

“When we embrace the opposites within ourselves and understand that inner harmony arises when they mature, we find the love, joy, silence and freedom that are hidden in every moment. It is my experience that it is through the inner female side that we find the depth within ourselves – independent of if we are a man or a woman. It is through the female side that we find the inner source of love and truth. It is through the female side that we lit the light of our own consciousness. The more we learn to know the inner man and woman and the more we accept their different visions of life, the more a meeting happens between them that makes us happy and satisfied. Through embracing both these sides in ourselves, we realize that we really lack nothing – but that we already are love.” 

― Swami Dhyan Giten

I'm really excited to be inviting you all to the first mixed 21 day Temple!

One of the guiding principles Celebration of Being holds is that we are each a unique divine expression and union of both the masculine and feminine principles. Both principles live within us and it’s through the acceptance and honouring of both that alchemy and mystery blossom.  We will explore the inner dance between these two principles to bring harmony, balance and inner union.  


When we don't embrace and accept all of ourselves, aspects can go into shadow and silently work against what our heart desires. When we seek to value, embrace and honour the “whole” self, alchemy shines and flows within.


A way one of my teachers describes this is, "the masculine principle represents the two river banks that hold the feminine river to deepen and flow freely. Without river banks the feminine river overflows and becomes stagnant and directionless. With strong river banks the feminine can maintain her receptivity whilst flowing forward with power and direction."


During the Temple we will:
* explore our connection to the feminine principle, to see if any of these aspects are being denied, and to sow seeds to welcome them back home.
* explore our connection to the masculine principle, to see if any of these aspects are being denied, and to sow seeds to welcome them back home.
* create union and harmony between these principles so that they work together to fulfill our hearts calling.
* create a loving inner union based on respect, honour, and a commitment to a shared vision.
* encourage loving communication within to keep the connection and dance flowing.
* use the Chakra system to support our exploration.

I have noticed recently I feel less inclined to use the terms “masculine” and “feminine” as they feel charged with meaning, story and labels. However, that said, this is a way to explore these energies that live within us, often on opposing sides.

Are you ready to embrace the whole of who you are and create a committed inner sacred union? If so, join us on a journey of integration and harmony in this 21 day Temple.


No previous experience is required, just an open heart, so please invite your friends to join us!!


This Temple allows us to explore, practice together, connect, grow, heal and deepen in community. Come and take your seat in the circle as we deep dive into the wisdom of the divine masculine and feminine.


To book email Debbie at:  debbie@heartcounselling.com

£125 Full cost, £95 if booked by 29th September. Join the sacred circle 

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