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Women's Deepening

"We know how much you long to be fully seen, received and loved 
How much you long to give your unique gifts
And to plant seeds that grow and grow into beauty for all
We know just how much you long to
Live the full range of the feminine
In a vibrantly alive body" 

Chameli Ardagh

During this new Women's Deepening weekend you will water, nurture and strengthen the seeds and shoots that are growing and root them inside with love and awareness.

Do you want :

  • To feel, meet, hold and take responsibility for yourself as a women during this shift to a higher consciousness?

  • To show up without dismissing, overlooking or negating your own needs physically, creatively and spiritually?

  • To walk on this earth with grace, truth and integrity?


This will be our exploration as we journey into and be with all that we are in this rich fresh tapestry of life . If you feel, as we do, a call to be in sacred space and bathe, rejuvenate and open even more fully into the ebb and flow that is the feminine, JOIN US.

During this workshop you will:

* explore the full spectrum of the mature aspects of woman through the eyes of the Goddess as we journey into the feminine mystery,
* embrace your embodied experience and be guided by your innate moment to moment experience,
* feel, listen and respond to the essential creative connection between your womb and heart,
* stand rooted in your embodied sexuality and connect with the erotic aliveness of life,
* deepen into presence and your hearts truth,
* experience the oneness of the sisterhood and a deeper trust in the mystery that guides every moment.

This circle will be a continuous invitation to be met and witnessed rather than our usual full day Rite of Passage.

We feel in our bones and blood the call for a deeper rich nurturing way of living from the heart of the divine feminine intelligence following our embodied inner wisdom and intuition. Do you?

Deep bows from our open hearts. We are ready and waiting to receive the wisdom that awaits us all as we take our seat in the circle. 




23rd - 25th June​, 2017


Park Place, Wickham 2 1/4 hours from London



Friday 11.30am and finishes on Sunday @ 4pm


Full Cost £445

£395 if booked by 8th May 

Includes all food and accommodation

To book:

To register: £150 deposit and balance six weeks before OR
Payment Plan: £135 deposit in April followed by 2 payments of £130 May and June.

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