The Noble Man

The Noble Man Weekend Every Man Must Experience!

What does it mean to be a Man in today's world?

It is all too easy for men to give away their power, their inner integrity and with it, their passion for life!  A man's greatest satisfaction is found when he discovers that his greatest nobility is the source of his greatest potential.    

The Noble Man is designed to heal and address any issues and/or wounds with the feminine. Your relationship with your mother is used as a catalyst to reveal any hurts and wounds that are continuing to influence your relationships with the feminine and life. Addressing and healing these wounds allows integration and balance back into what has been keeping you separate from yourself and from the opposite gender to bring an inner union.


There is an incredible capacity inside you waiting to be recognized.  It is time to allow yourself to be who you truly are. To be who you are destined to be.


A loving compassionate woman can reconnect a man to his greatness faster than any other force in the world. Imagine a space where you are guided, supported, nurtured and treated with unending respect and honour by loving women who are totally committed to you becoming your very best.  


Ask Yourself

1. Do you feel there should be more to life and do you hanker for more fulfilling relationships?

2. Do you want more honesty and peace with yourself and others?

3. Have you hidden your greatness to make others comfortable?

4. Have women in your life asked for more of you?

5. Do you wish to enjoy more warmth and affection in your life?

6. Are you tired of unsatisfactory patterns in your life and of experiencing conflict and disappointment with women?

7. Can you feel a potential in you that, as yet, has not been fully realized?


When the noble masculine comes together with the loving feminine an amazing alchemy happens.  There is an incredible capacity inside you waiting to be recognised.  It is time to allow yourself to be who you truly are in your natural essence. To be who you have always been destined to be. A true Noble Man


The Noble Man experience could bring you so much more passion, purpose and joy to your life!


A testimonial from a previous participant, for more click here:


"A unique container, safely and thoughtfully held, where men may experience their unresolved issues and unfulfilled relations with women. An overt celebration of a healthy dance between the masculine and feminine both within and without ourselves.

This work is part of an essential evolution taking place at this time for both men and women, which is a realistic hope for a safer, healthier, less conflicted and more joyful world.


Thank you for creating the space that allowed me to retrieve my projections on the feminine and receive a transformation of my masculine essence and the vital importance of balance.


Blessings on great work"                           Michael


6th - 9th October 2022 - Full - waiting list 

2nd - 5th February 2023 - Now Booking


Winchester House, Isle of Wight

2 1/2 hours by train from Waterloo


Thursday 5pm and finishes on Sunday @2pm

Investment from 1st Jan 2022: 

Full Cost  £830 + £166 VAT = £996

Early booking £795 + £159 VAT = £954 

early booking is 8 weeks before the workshop

Includes all food and accommodation for 3 1/2 days

To book:

£195 deposit required followed by final payment six weeks before the workshop or via a payment plan

Click here to view full booking terms, cancellation policy, Bursary fund and travel information for Winchester House.