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Winchester House, Shanklin, Isle of Wight  

We use a venue called Winchester House in the Isle of Wight. It is situated on the cliff (a symbol of the masculine) and overlooks the ocean (a symbol of the feminine).

The journey may seems complex but in fact is very easy and well synchronised.  You can buy a full ticket with all the connections from London Waterloo (or any other train station) up to Lake Station in the Isle of Wight. It will take around 2 hours and 30 minutes in total. We see the journey as part of the experience, there is something magical about travelling across the water.

On a synchronistic note, the longest ley line in Britain, Spine of Albion, that connects the ancient capitals of England and Scotland, begins in Sandown, close to the venue. It is believed that it channels a mysterious force, known to the Druids as The Dragon. It’s curving spine of chalk and sand traces the shape of two great creatures, entwined about the centre point and marking a unique meeting of the fundamental male and female energies.

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