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The Royal Path of Love

"The survival of the planet depends on the union of Men and Women, when a man and woman can live in a state of balance, as equals, the earth can move toward peace".  

Hopi Indian Wisdom

This workshop is where men and women come together as equals and step into their sovereign!!
It is an opportunity for a limited group of men and women who are ready, willing and able to step into their most mature and beautiful selves - The King and The Queen. To stand as equals, fully grounded in authenticity and natural magnificence honouring each other and co-creating harmony and balance.

This is an initiation into living the empowered King and Queen – here, now in the midst of our everyday lives.
It is about living a life devoted to what is most important to you; and bringing this to yourself, your partners, children and those in your wider world.

This is exceptionally empowering and inspiring! 


During this workshop you will be invited to:
•    Step into your most mature and healthy self
•    Deeply accept honour every aspect of your life
•    Take full responsibility for your life
•    Bring your inner masculine and feminine energies into balance
•    Learn to love what is with compassion and accept life’s invitation to show up no matter what is presented to you
•    Transform from being occupied with yourself and your own self-preservation into an authentic and generous service to mankind and the planet
•    Experience deep support and collaboration with the opposite sex


Testimonials from previous participants following a few months of integration:

"I've been trying to build a life from my King for many years. By crowning my King at this workshop I have moved from an academic appreciation of my Kingly potential to living and embodying my deep warm compassionate inclusive Sovereign. I now sit quietly, strongly and steadily as the King of my realm holding those who I love and care for in a solid steady loving embrace. I live and deliver my vision to my realm. I hold all that I am and seek to encourage all those around me to rise to their own sovereignty. This workshop has given me a feeling of wholeness and completeness I have never felt before in my life."
Hugh, attended Nov, 2015 testimonial June 2016

"The royal path workshop was my coming home. More gentle than previous workshops I realised I no longer needed to live in my pain. Who I am is good enough and I don't say those words lightly I feel them through every vein in my body. I feel different in this world happy to accept  my fellow man for who they are. Also irritation has turned to laughter it's amazing."
Pat, attended Nov, 2015 testimonial June 2016



20th - 23rd November 2025


Winchester House, Isle of Wight

2 1/2 hours by train from Waterloo


Thursday 5pm and finishes on Sunday @2pm

Investment: TBC previously

Full Cost  £1,050 + £210 VAT = £1,260

Early booking £910 + £182 VAT = £1,092

early booking is 8 weeks before the workshop

To book:

£195 deposit required followed by final payment eight weeks before the workshop or via a payment plan 


Women - Celebration of Woman - The Goddess, Noble Man and Power of Love

Men - Noble Man and Power of Love

Click here to view full booking terms, cancellation policy and travel information for Winchester

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