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An Invitation To The Heart Of The Masculine!

Come hold space and be of service 

As many of you may remember from your experience in the Noble Man, it was such a powerful experience to have the women holding space for you as you went through the many layers of your wounds and defences in the process of opening your heart. Many of you expressed a desire to give back to the women by holding space for them as they go through their healing with the masculine.


It is powerfully insightful and healing to witness women in their vulnerability whilst supporting them in reclaiming their power inThe Power of Love.


For women, the group is about healing their wounds, fears and resentments with men. It is a unique experience for every woman, each one going into the places within her own heart where she has shut down to love, to rediscover those vulnerable and soft places where her true feminine strength lies, and from there returning to the essence of love and devotion within her.


Will you join us and hold space for these courageous women, as they dive deeply into their wounds with the masculine? For men, this is an opportunity to really stand in the essence of the masculine: holding a space of loving, compassionate presence. To witness the women baring their hearts and souls is a very humbling, and at the same time, strengthening experience.


The feedback we get from the women is that the experience of being unconditionally loved and held through the power of the Masculine Presence allows them to open and trust again. It is an amazing experience of alchemy between man and woman, on a personal, and a collective level. The healing is profound, and the experience for both men and women is truly transformative and life changing.


We hope you will join us for this incredible journey of the heart!


We appreciate you and look forward to your gift of holding space at The Power of Love.


A testimonial from a previous participant, for more click here:


"The workshop has transformed my life. It opened my eyes to reality. The wonder of the feminine and the opportunity to discover the real me, and allow me the ability to have a relationship with myself as a man, and then to have a true relationship with a woman. The mysteries of a woman was released in all its beauty"


Next Dates:

21st - 24th November 2024 


Herzberg, Haus für Bildung und Begegnung - 5025 Asp ob Aarau,


Thursday at 12.30 pm and finishes on Sunday @1.30pm with lunch 



Full Cost CHF450

Early booking price CHF395 until 26th September 2024


Including shared accommodation and organic vegetarian meals for the 3 day workshop.


This workshop is in English and there will be German speakers in our space holder team.

To book:

CHF120 non-refundable deposit required followed by final payment eight weeks before the workshop 

You can also contact our local co-ordinator:

Barbara +41 79 419 29 38    


The Noble Man

Click here to view full booking terms, cancellation policy 

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