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About Us

Celebration of Being is on the cutting edge of contemporary inner growth work. We are committed to providing an unforgettable journey into the depth and beauty of your true self – your being – especially through the doorway of relationships. Our one-of-a-kind Rites of Passage workshops are designed to heal the wounds that are keeping you separate from yourself, from the other and from God. Our intention is not to conquer the shadow part of ourselves, but to draw it out into the light of our awareness and compassion.


Our workshops illuminate the glory of everyone. To date more than two thousand participants from all over the world have made this incredible journey with us from all age groups, all faiths, all races and all walks of life.


We are passionate about supporting everyone in their on-going journey to step deeper into the best version of themselves. We are a non-denominational organization open to those of any faith or no specific spiritual path. Our work promotes an embodied, integrated spirituality, embraces all aspects of our human experience and holds a space for the tender opening of every heart, and the healing of everyone as the foundation for a renewed world.


This work is real, raw and will rock your soul!


History of Celebration of Being

Celebration of Woman was co-created, in 1993, by Rajyo Markman and Paritosh Peachey. Over the next few years, they led the workshop all over Europe until Rajyo went to live in the USA. There she meet Britta Eskey and in 1997 they co-founded Celebration of Being. At this time, the work expanded to include men and they created mixed-sex workshops to promote the much-needed healing between the feminine and masculine. In 2003, Rajyo and Britta facilitated the Celebration of Woman II workshop in the UK.  Gina Holland and Debbie Beauchamp were participants and were both inspired and healed by the workshop. They boldly stepped forward to support the expansion of the work in the UK with two other women Dana Edwards, who had been holding the vision in the UK single-handed, and Stella Michael. We bow down to all the women who came before us and the role they have played in contributing to what Celebration of Being has become today.


Today Celebration of Being is directed by Debbie Beauchamp and Gina Holland.


In the US COR (previously Celebration of Being, USA) is now directed by Britta and Lee Eskey. Rajyo continues to facilitate her own workshops to support awakening and details can be found on her website at

Interview on Marlow FM with Debbie and Gina 
Gina Holland
Co-director, Celebration of Being Limited

Gina has been involved with Celebration of Being since 1999. She jointly holds the vision of COB with Debbie and facilitates the workshops with Debbie. She is a qualified counsellor and has been practicing for over 20 years; her methods and skills are deeply rooted in her own life experience and ongoing personal development.


As a lover of truth and a devotee of reality, she loves to support others in living an authentic and passionate existence, embracing the divine with-in the ordinary and integrating this into everyday life.


Her life’s purpose, along with being a conscious mother and grandmother, is reminding others of their true nature by continuously pointing towards what is ever present and already free.


Her love of presence and passion for community continues to inspire and motivate her life’s work with individuals, groups and with-in the beautiful, loving and expanding Celebration of Being community in the UK.


"Gina Holland is deeply rooted in kindness and clarity. She is a warm unwavering friend to All and holds space beautifully as true listening and love. She is very restful to be around!"

Pamela Wilson

Debbie Beauchamp
Co-director, Celebration of Being Limited
Debbie Final.jpg

Debbie has been involved with Celebration of Being since 2003 and facilitates the workshops with Gina. She jointly holds the vision with Gina and management of COB and is passionate about sharing this work with others.

She is an accredited counsellor and family constellation facilitator working with individuals, and couples. She is a mother to three beautiful daughters and has a wealth of training and life experience to draw on in her work.


Debbie specializes in working with Trauma and its impact on people’s way of being in the world. She supports people to reclaim and integrate aspects of themselves and remember their essence and access their magnificence so they can create a life that expresses all of who they are. This allows them to shine and radiate their love to make a difference in the world and inspire others to do the same.


“I went to Debbie at a time in my life when everything was dark, stuck and fearful, it was a unique time in that I had never been through such a dark night of the soul. I grew up in a dysfunctional family with many problems and someone suggested family constellations. As soon as I met Debbie I felt an outpouring of love and compassion from her and knew I was in the right place. We worked on a number of areas in our private one-to-one session and it was one of the most profound healing experiences of my life. I saw clearly so many past patterns and also let go of a lot of pain and sadness. I cannot thank her enough. I trust Debbie totally with this work and will go back once the effects of that session have settled into my consciousness."

We are supported by our soul sisters and brother

Julie Tanfield

Julie has been involved with the COB since 2003 when she attended her first Celebration of Woman with Rajyo she says "it changed her life". She has been a valid and valued part of the team co-facilitating with Gina and Debbie at workshops.  She has shown her commitment, dedication and passion for this work from the start.

Julie is a mother to 3 beautiful children and a qualified counsellor, working with adults, and couples. She draws on her personal and professional experiences to support others in rediscovering their inner wisdom and love that she feels is in everyone and ever present. You can contact Julie at:

Ruth Wynnick

Ruth has been involved with COB since 1997 when she attended her first goddess weekend. She then went on to support Rajyo and, later, Gina and Debbie at workshops and within the community.  

Ruth found the freedom she was searching for within the Celebration of Being workshops and community. She is passionate about people living their lives in their truth with the freedom to express and be who they truly are.


Ruth offers Heart thread healing and Bioenergetic Release Therapy (BERT). Heart thread healing is a gentle yet deep and powerful healing modality. Connecting directly into the Heart allows instinctive messages to arise from the body's own wisdom bypassing the mind. This allows incredible and immense shifts to happen in a gentle, tender and profoundly loving way. BERT is a powerful and dynamic tool that helps release Family and Ancestral patterning. Also present & past life situations that may hold us back and hinder the ease of moving on. It works directly with subconscious/unconscious mind, clearing energies and vibrations from the energy centres, energy bodies, and belief systems, creating deep and lasting growth change. 


You can contact Ruth at:


Hugh Newton

Hugh has been involved with COB since 2015 when he attended his first Noble Man weekend. He completed his journey through the programme and has continued to support all of the mixed-sex workshops since then. He co-facilitates The Power of Love and The Royal Path of Love alongside Debbie and Gina.

He is the author of " The Sovereign's Journey - A Practical Guide to Building a Beautiful Man". He runs his own Men's retreat and coaching business. More information can be found here.


Hugh is also a Mankind Project co-leader and was an accredited Shadow Work Facilitator and Coach. He previously worked as Head of Programs and Training at A Band of Brothers for 6 years.

You can contact Hugh at

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