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Power of Love

Living with an undefended heart is within reach!

"Embarking on the quest for undefended love is setting out for home. It is the path to wholeness, love, and joy, in ourselves and with another. In time we discover that we were home all along, we just didn’t know it."

Don't miss this unique and powerful opportunity to dive in and heal all that holds you back from experiencing your best, deepest, and most loving connection with yourself, and the masculine.

There is a longing, in many women, to live our basic feminine essence ~ the Essence of Love.


There is a deep and universal longing to experience love in an undefended way. Yet so often the love which could be given and received is left unexpressed because of the wounds from the past. These wounds often leave us feeling hopeless and resigned, and out of touch with the deepest levels of our hearts.

The Power of Love Workshop is an experience that provides a safe space for women to express and explore their fears, wounds and resentments with the masculine, whilst being held and supported by an experienced steadfast group of men.

The experience of men being emotionally present for each woman participant, with unconditional acceptance and love, allows for the true opening of her heart.

The Intensive culminates in a Rite of Passage for the deepest depth of every woman's heart, honouring themselves and being honoured by the men.

This group will be facilitated by Gina and Debbie, while space is held by men who have completed the Noble Man Experience.

In the Power of Love Workshop you will:

•    Learn to trust your natural feminine radiance in the presence of men
•    Be heard and honoured by men as the amazing woman that you are
•    Learn to communicate your desires & needs in a loving, clear & authentic way
•    Discover ways to receive a man's love with openness and grace


A testimonial from a previous participant, for more click here:

“This is life changing stuff! I take away with me a deep knowing of truth and honesty about my real self. I don't need to perform, be perfect, complete, capable and strong. I can be vulnerable, delicate, soft, open and trusting and still be in my power as a woman. I can be and I will be." 





21st - 24th November 2024 


Herzberg, Haus für Bildung und Begegnung - 5025 Asp ob Aarau,


Thursday 5pm and finishes on Sunday @12.30pm



Full Cost CHF1,595

Early booking price CHF1,295 until 26th September 2024


Including shared accommodation and organic vegetarian meals for the 3 day workshop.

This workshop is in English and there will be German speakers in our staff team.

To book:

CHF250 non-refundable deposit required followed by final payment eight weeks before the workshop 

You can also contact our local co-ordinator:

Barbara +41 79 419 29 38    



Celebration of Woman - The Goddess Workshop

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