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The Noble Man

An Invitation To The Heart Of The Feminine!

Come hold space and discover more about your inner union 

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there"


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In this circle you will have the opportunity, space and support to connect with the alchemy of your own inner union by standing for the masculine in your own open hearted strength and grace. You will be a catalyst for the men seeking the healing of their deep wounds, fears, and resentments with women.
For women, this is an opportunity to stand in the essence of the feminine: holding a space of loving, compassionate presence. To see men bearing their hearts and souls is a very humbling, and at the same time strengthening, experience.
By saying Yes to this invitation you will:  
•    Witness men in their vulnerability whilst supporting them in reclaiming their birth right
•    See men in a new light 
•    Shift and release any old dynamic that keep you separate from men
•    Receive the gift of healing for yourself around the masculine
•    Have an opportunity to be fully in your feminine whilst in the presence of the masculine
•    Understand the men in your life; partners, son's brothers and friends so that you can relate to them in a new fresh way.

You will help provide a safe environment for the men to go into the places within their hearts where they have been shut down to love. 


The feedback we have received is that by hearing, witnessing, feeling and meeting men in ritual space they have grown and connected in a deeper way to themselves and the men in their lives. 


This group is a catalyst for change both in our personal lives and on a much greater scale, as we make peace with and bring acceptance to our own masculine and feminine qualities balance is restored in our inner and outer world.


Say YES to this blessed invitation, come support us, the men and in turn play your part in creating harmony for yourself.


Why we hold space:

The culmination of self-development and maturity is service. It's the ultimate way for your energy to flow and connect back into the heart of hearts. By making a commitment to yourself and your brother or sister to stand for them in presence, devotion and authenticity deepens your own practice. The way we keep the energy flowing and our connection to the divine source is by giving back... this is the universal law.

A testimonial from a previous participant, for more click here:


"An awesome experience for women. Insights and thus better understanding and tenderness towards men. However, also gives insights into yourself, relationship with oneself and men in my life and men in general.
Absolutley huge! Enables me to live more easily and closer to men AND MYSELF."



Next Dates:


3rd - 6th October 2024 - Full - waiting List

6th - 9th February 2025 - now booking


Winchester House, Isle of Wight

2 1/2 hours by train from Waterloo


Thursday 12 o'clock and finishes on Sunday @2pm


For 2025 bookings

Full Cost £330 + £66 VAT = £396

Early booking £305 + £61 VAT = £366     

Early booking 8 weeks before the workshop 

Revisit: £260 + £52 VAT = £312

For 2024 bookings

Full Cost £330 + £66 VAT = £396

Early booking £287.50 + £57.50 VAT = £345     

Early booking 8 weeks before the workshop 

Revisit: £245 + £49 VAT = £294

Includes all food and accommodation

To book:

£95 deposit required followed by final payment eight weeks before the workshop or via a payment plan 


Celebration of Woman - The Goddess Workshop

Click here to view full booking terms, cancellation policy and travel information for Winchester 

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