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On-line Monthly Goddess Circle
with Pavanne

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Pavanne will be holding a monthly women's circle for women who have participated in COB workshops.

Breathe deeply, imagine yourself in a sacred circle of women. Imagine a place to rest, replenish, to let go and reflect. To relax and fully be seen, heard and felt in the divine feminine holding of your sisters.

The circle offers a safe space and a real opportunity to be total with yourself and connect deeply with your sisters. This sacred women circle is a place for you to come back home inside yourself to reconnect to your wisdom, strength, rawness, passion, joy, silence and stillness.

You may feel you have got caught up in life again or may have got distracted by life.  Check inside.... do you need a space to just to Be. If so come along and share with us all that you are and all that you bring.   

There will be a sharing circle, movement and meditation.


As a one-off the June call is on 31st May 2022

then 5th July 2022 and 

monthly on the first Tuesday of the month.


Meeting ID: 839 229 0584


7.30 pm UK time/8.30 pm CET for 85 minutes


£12 per session please pay via PayPal to (please send as friends or family)

To joinPlease email Pavanne at 

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Pavanne has been supporting weekends at the Celebration of Being workshops since 2006. “I see us as Warriors of the Heart. Turning inwards and meeting our destructive and marginalised parts is not an easy path to take. However, for those who have the courage to do so I truly believe that embracing all parts of ourselves brings us a deeper connection to joy, each other, nature and Spirit.”


Shadow work is an innate passion for Pavanne. She became increasingly interested in inter-generational trauma in order to understand how debilitating fears, thought patterns and limiting beliefs can arise in us even though we have no rational explanation for them. As a result, she trained in Systemic Constellations and has been working with individuals and organisations for the past nine years using this methodology.


She has completed a Leadership Training with Rajyo the Founder in 2008 and also completed the Leadership Advanced Level Training with Lee and Britta Eskey of COR in 2018 in the United States.

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