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Covid Safety Measures - Co-creating Safety


Until 30th May 2022 we have the following covid safety measures in place. After this we will be review our policy.


We want to co-create safety in the workshop and, have introduced a set of requirements that all participants/space holders and facilitators need to agree to in order to attend a workshop. If this is not possible, you will need to wait until it is safe for us to remove the requirements as deemed by the levels of infection and UK government advice:

1. We will follow government isolation protocol if you test positive for Covid or have been in contact with anyone who has.


2. 72 hours prior to arrival at the venue you need a negative covid test either from:

i. a rapid lateral flow test, if you have no Covid symptoms, or

ii. a PCR test, if you have any Covid symptoms.

Then, before you leave on the day of the workshop you will take another rapid lateral flow test and receive a negative response and, where possible, minimise contact with others on your journey. 

3. Have no limitation on physical contact or space during the workshop. As the nature of the workshops is emotive an important element of the transformations we witness is connection and intimacy. We feel it is our responsibility to highlight this so that you can make an informed choice.

4.       Anyone who is arriving from abroad will need to comply with the UK government's requirements prior to attending. Please check the latest information on entering the UK here:

This is not full-proof, it is possible that someone could attend who has Coronavirus and the responsibility for attending remains with each person. We suggest that anyone who is considered high risk if they have coronavirus should wait until the environment is safer.



If you are unable to attend because of a positive Coronavirus test in the 10 days prior to the weekend we will transfer your participation across to the next workshop you can attend. Proof of a positive test will need to be provided.

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